and brandy production
Industrial equipment for winemaking
Winemaking has a rich history dating back thousands of years. Of course, in the classical sense, wine drinks are usually infused in oak barrels or glass vessels. But if we talk about the modern industry, the choice of winemakers – stainless steel tanks.

The production of premium wines requires an appropriate approach. ARTINOX™ not only follows the trends, but also creates them itself. Innovative spiral welding technology ensures the highest quality of capacitive equipment.

For more than 10 years of work, our company has managed not only to reach a leading position in south-eastern Europe, but also to become an innovator in its field.
Storage tanks for the winery. 2019

of white wines

Production of red wines

Sparkling wine production

Production of divin & brandy

Non-standard equipment for industrial winemaking

ARTINOX™ produces custom-made non-standard winemaking equipment, taking into account the conditions of the enterprise where it will be operated.
The following factors are taken into account:
–– level of mechanization
–– automation of the technical process
–– dimensions of workshops, etc.
We manufacture equipment that supports production processes of any complexity taking into account all individual requests!
What problems does non-standard equipment solve?
Technical equipment from ARTINOX™ allows you to:
– maintain the continuity of technical processes
– make the work of employees of the enterprise more comfortable
– simplify compliance with hygiene standards
– reduce the time of forced downtime

Non-standard technical equipment from ARTINOX™ meets the sanitary and hygienic requirements and is acceptable for use in the food industry. The materials and technologies are the same as those used in standard food processing equipment.
The installation of non-standard additional equipment helps to modernize or repurpose production without large costs.


The rich experience and professionalism of the ARTINOX ™ team allows our company to offer high-quality and comprehensive solutions for winemakers.

An individual approach to all Customer requests is our competitive advantage and the key to long-term partnerships with the vast majority of our Customers.
A turnkey winery from ARTINOX™ means:
Project development and equipment selection
Consulting on all technical issues
Production of equipment
Registration of all necessary customs document
Staff training

Technological equipment, presses and materials for grape processing and winemaking

Bucher Vaslin is a well-known French company that specializes in the development, production and sale of equipment for winemaking, constantly improving the reception and preparation of harvested grapes, pressing, tangential filtration of wine, sparkling wine and all types of precipitation of wine and must.

A large team of the research bureau carries out the assigned tasks. The company pays special attention to complete product control: from design to production.

Starting from 2020, MOLINART Grup is the official distributor of Bucher Vaslin's equipment in Moldova, Ukraine and Azerbaijan.

Delta -- Grape reception and preparation

From the vineyard to the winery

Grape sorting

Pumping & Extraction of skin compounds

Pumps Delta PMV
Peristaltic pumps Delta DP
Delta Extractys

Bucher / Sutter -- Pressing

Flavy -- Membrane techniques

Reverse osmosis & Cross-flow filtration

Bucher Vaslin Distribution
Within 24 hours, our manager will call back to clarify the details of your project and answer all your questions.
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Auxiliary equipment for winemaking

In addition to the main technological equipment, ARTINOX also offers an impressive list of auxiliary equipment for winemakers:
Receiving Bin Hoppers for Grapes
--- longitudinal / perpendicular
--- with one / two screws
--- with must drainage system (in case of large product income)
--- with hydraulic grape dosing system
Grape conveyors
--- screw-type for grape pomace
--- belt scraper-type for grape stems
Suction systems for grape stems
Collection bins for grape stems & pomace (Waste bins)
--- with automatic unloading
Platforms for servicing tanks and other equipment
Technological communication systems of tanks and other equipment
Heat exchangers
--- tube-in-tube type
--- shell-and-tube type

Fermentation temperature control systems
Agitators & Mixers
--- stationary
--- mobile
Reactors for the preparation of wine color
Measuring tanks, category I
Oxygen aeration / bubbling systems
Compressed air receivers
[Pressure-operated air collectors]
CIP Systems for hygiene of equipment and production halls
ARTINOX™ production equipment guarantees:
The opportunity not only to maintain, but also to improve the quality of wine and brandy
High fermentation efficiency
Thorough processing of by-/ offal products
As a result - an increase in the overall productivity of the enterprise