Delta -- Grape reception and preparation

Vibrating trailers Delta


With the vibrating plate trailer and the draining grid, the hand-picked or mechanically harvested grapes are transferred without grinding from the vineyard to the winery. They are distributed regularly and continuously by vibration into a reception hopper.

Vibrating hoppers Delta


The vibrating plate hopper enables the reception of hand-picked or mechanically harvested grapes, the efficient draining of free juices and the grapes distribution by vibration without grinding.

Delta Oscillys

50 / 100 / 200

This destemming process operates without beater shaft nor rotative cage. It uses an ample swinging motion of the one or two cages to separate the grapes from the stems by inertia.

Delta E

1 / 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 10

Grapes are introduced through the hopper and are progressively brought to the de-stemming speed rate without any impact. The cage and the mixer rotate in the same direction to prevent any shearing effects on the grapes.

Stems grinders
Delta BFR

Delta BFR solves the problem of stems which pile up when grapes are picked off the bunch. When it is placed after the destemmer, this grinder allows to reduce by 80% the volume of stems (space is saved) and thus to limit handling (time is saved).

Vibrating sorting tables Delta TRV

20 / 25 / 35

The Delta TRV tables allow consecutively the homogeneous distribution of the machines over the width of the table, the separation of the noble product from free juices and vegetative debris and the regular feeding downstream from the reception line.

Mechanical sorters
Delta Trio

XS / XM / XL / XXL

The Delta Trio range is used to sort destemmed, hand-picked or mechanically harvested grapes. Delta Trio enables to eliminate efficiently vegetal fragments such as leaves, stems pieces, petioles, pips…

Sorting tables Delta Rflow


Delta Rflow is a mechanical sorting table with a high flow rate. It enables to remove MOG as leaves, bits of stems, petioles and also pips, skins, raisins, shot berries…

Optical sorting tables
Delta Vistalys HD

Delta Vistalys gives the user the possibility to graduate sorting with an extreme accuracy, depending on his objectives and initial quality of grapes by setting the parameters of colour and shape of the objects.

Densimetric sorting tables Delta Densilys


This sorting table separates either machine-harvested or hand-picked grapes from floating MOG such as leaves, bits of stems, stalks but also bugs, unripe berries, pips, skins, dry and shot berries… by means of a permanent evacuation device.

Delta PMV

1 / 2 / 4

The working principle of the Delta PMV pump enables a very smooth grapes transfer. It conveys the destemmed grapes from 3 to 30 t/h and transfers the fermented pomace from 10 to 15 t/h using positive displacement.

Peristaltic pumps Delta DP

The Delta DP pump is a peristaltic pump with two functions: pump for fresh grapes and wine.

Selective extraction process Delta Extractys

Delta Extractys is a patented, physical and selective extraction process. It is designed to enhance, both quantitatively and qualitatively, the extraction of membranous compounds of grape berries – such as polyphenols (anthocyans and tannins) and aromatic precursors – from a thermovinification processed grape crop. Delta Extractys allows the wine maker to selectively control membrane extraction to obtain the desired wine type.

Bucher / Sutter -- Pressing

Pneumatic presses
Bucher ХPro

5 / 8 / 15

The Bucher XPro is designed to process whole bunches, destemmed and / or crushed grapes as well as fermented pomace. This grape press is especially dedicated for a selection of qualitative batches. Very easy to handle and to use, very compact, the Bucher XPro press fits easily in every winery.

22 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 62 / 80

Thanks to the Bucher XPlus IT press, the winemaker can take advantage of the latest Bucher Vaslin technological developments, Organ programming, Bucher Inertys, the pressing process under inert gas with gas recycling. Various options according to the winery organization, as well as the 4G connection to smartphone / PC.

Pneumatic presses Bucher XPlus IT

Pneumatic presses Bucher XPert IT

100 / 115 / 150 / 250 / 320 / 450

Bucher XPert presses are designed to meet the needs of cooperative cellars. The touch screen simplifies the programming of the press by the various users (oenologists, operators, etc.). The 4G connection to smartphone/PC allows optimal monitoring of the press in real time.

Basket presses Bucher JLB

5 / 12 / 20

As a balance between tradition and modernity the Bucher JLB Automated Basket Press eliminates any constraints of the old basket presses. Attractive, movable and space-saving, this press can easily be integrated in any cellar.

Pneumatic presses Sutter EPC

25 / 35 / 50 / 90

The Sutter press is nowadays a worldwide reference especially thanks to its performances, its technology and the high quality of the musts obtained with it. A gentle pressing process, a large surface of draining and an easy cleaning are the main assets of slotted-cage press.

Flavy -- Membrane techniques

Osmosis Flavy ML

2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 12

Reverse osmosis is a physical membrane process which can extract under pressure part of the water (permeate) contained in the grape must in order to increase its sugar concentration. The performances of Bucher Vaslin Flavy ML machines rely both on a very long experience of membrane processes and a permanent commitment to improve the technology implementation. They demonstrate high efficiency on all types of grape musts: red, white, dry and sweet.

Cross-flow filters
Flavy FX

2 ICS / 3 ICS / 100 / 300 / Tandem

Thanks to 15 years of experience, Bucher Vaslin is a world known specialist in cross-flow filtration for all wines: wines after fermentation, wines after processing (stabilization, clarifying...), young wines, sparkling wines (after chamat fermentation), getting wines ready for bottling. Flavy cross-flow filtration is achieved in a single operation and the traditional preliminary processes of pre-filtration and centrifuging are now superfluous to requirements.

Cross-flow filter
Flavy X-Wine

4 / 6 / 8 / 10

The Flavy X-Wine range is the most suitable answer to industrial requirements. Productivity, intuitive connected operating system, ergonomy, wide choice of options, modularity are the main assets.

Filtration equipment for bottom sediments of juice and wine Flavy Leestar

3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Flavy Leestar is adapted to wineries, large wineries and wine traders generating approximately 3% of «tank bottoms». Flavy Leestar assets brings along true improvement in terms of quality, respect of the environment, safety and return on investment.

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