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ARTINOX™ offers a wide range of metalworking services:

Plasma cutting

Plasma metal cutting is recognized as one of the most energy-efficient methods. The technology is based on the melting of a metal sheet using a plasma-forming gas.

With a small cutting width and optimal cutting, the amount of waste is minimal and eliminates the need for additional processing.

Maximum cutting thickness:
up to 30 mm
up to 40 mm
Maximum sheet metal parameters:
up to 6000 mm
up to 3000 mm
Guillotine cutting

Guillotine cutting is a reliable and inexpensive method of cutting. ARTINOX™ recommends guillotine cutting services, primarily for the mass production of metal products. After all, among other advantages, the main advantage of the technology is high performance.

Our company uses the latest generation of equipment, so the risk of marriage is approaching zero. The metal is cut with a solid knife over the entire surface area. The method eliminates the presence of curvature and other deformations of the cut.

Maximum guillotine cutting thickness:
up to 8 mm
up to 8 mm
up to 8 mm
up to 8 mm
Maximum sheet metal parameters:

up to 4000 mm
up to 3000 mm
Oxygen cutting

The technology of oxygen cutting consists in intensive oxidation of the metal surface. The material is affected by the flow of technically pure oxygen. It also eliminates the oxides released during the reaction.

Oxygen cutting is a popular method of cutting sheet metal. We comply with all the necessary technological standards and safety regulations.

ARTINOX™ offers the following types of oxygen metal cutting:
Through cutting, complete separation of the sheet material into two or more parts.
Making holes in metal of large thickness.
A part of the top layer is "removed" from the metal part, forming a layer of a given depth or recesses of different sections.
Stamping & Punching

We carry out a variety of manipulations for the processing of metal workpieces: through punching, perforation, cutting down parts, stripping burrs and much more.

Die-cutting and punching remain common types of metal sheet processing.

Maximum thickness:
up to 3 mm
Maximum sheet metal parameters:

up to 2000 mm
up to 1000 mm
Bending & Roll forming

Bending and roll forming are used in the production of bulk metal products made of sheet material and metal profiles. ARTINOX™, as a leading company in its region, guarantees the highest quality of turnkey services.

We undertake the execution of the order from the moment of submission of the application and until the completion of production.

The bending technology allows you to give the details the desired shape, without affecting the integrity and properties of the material. During this treatment, the product does not remain seams and other defects.
Popular bent profiles:
Profile C
If the sheet length is up to 4000 mm, the maximum thickness should be up to 4 mm.
Profile J
If the sheet length is up to 3000 mm, the maximum thickness should be up to 5 mm.
If the sheet length is up to 2000 mm, the maximum thickness should be up to 6 mm.


This service consists in giving a curved shape of various radii to a metal sheet, profile or pipe. Metal processing is carried out without heating, due to the cold technological process.

In ARTINOX™ you can order the rolling together with the flanging of the product. The essence is to bend the edges on the parts of an oval or cylindrical shape.
Depending on the thickness and size of the product, the material is subjected to a certain stretch. The value is also normalized by technical documents.

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