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ARTINOX™ has been working in the field of machine-building production since 2009. Since then, our product range has expanded significantly:
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The main closing structural elements of the capacitive process equipment and pipelines.

d: 1200-4800 mm
s: 3-20 mm

Non-standard equipment for

The following factors are taken into account:
⟶ level of mechanization
⟶ automation of the technical process
⟶ dimensions of workshops, etc.
ARTINOX™ produces custom-made non-standard equipment, taking into account the conditions of the enterprise where it will be operated.
Our products have the following advantages:
Due to the spiral welding technology, ARTINOX™ produces innovative tanks and containers.
Automatic Argon Arc Welding
Durable, low-heat-conducting metal, resistant to physical and chemical effects – a universal industrial material.
Stainless steel as the main material
Absolute compliance with all requirements for certified production in the international market.
Compliance with international and regional requirements
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