Technologies and ARTINOX™

Over the past 12 years, we have continuously reinvested in our own fleet of production equipment and the company's operational efficiency, implementing best practices and methodologies.

The closed production cycle is our main advantage, allowing us to be as flexible as possible and optimize many costs.

The comprehensive and state-of-the-art technology that we can be proud of allows us to automate most of our main production processes, such as welding, bending, cutting and grinding.

MOLINART Grup SRL is a pioneer in Moldova in its fleet of equipment, and we are recognized by our customers and partners as a company that always solves problems of any complexity professionally and with dedication.

Tanks produced via automatic argon arc welding technology.
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Technical equipment of our production hall

Innovative technology of automatic argon arc welding by ARTINOX™


The know-how of this manufacturing technology is that in parallel with the main operation, a number of additional processes are performed, which ultimately ensure the highest level of quality and shorter production times of the product in comparison with the classical production method.

d: ≤ 10 m
h: ∞

Spiral-shaped cylinder with infinite height and diameter up to 10 meters with perfect inner and outer surface treatment.

Comparison of the classic and our innovative welding method
Coefficient of strength of welded joints
k = 0,7…0,85
Classic method of making a tank or reservoir
k ≈ 1,00
Innovative welding method based on our technology
Advantages of the weld joint of spiral shell
The limit conditions applied to the models calculated by FEA.
Application of hydraulic pressure inside the tank
Traditional welding shell
Cylinder seams by spiral welding
Main advantages of automatic argon arc welding by ARTINOX™
Increased strength of the welded seams due to the absence of critical points of weld joints
Increased stability of the tanks under pressure and in a vacuum state
The same thickness of the cylinder wall along its entire height
Aseptic structure with no inspection door on the plating
Automatic cold lamination on plating welding
Minimal impact of the human factor
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