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Spiral Welding Technologies2019-05-04T21:26:26+00:00

Spiral welding robot

Spiral welding robot that ensures tank integrity is in Moldova and owned by MOLINART Grup!

High quality

The high quality level allows the use of spiral tanks in compliance with safety and food hygiene regulations


The high quality technology allows the use of spiral tanks in compliance with safety and food hygiene regulations. It is possible to create wine cellars, which are cleaned and sanitized automatically with real economic benefits.

 European Standards

The ideal internal and external surface – the resulting of the high quality of the contact surface with the product, fully complies with the European Union standards for food safety and hygiene.


More strength of the welded seam than traditional welding, 40% higher structural resistance with a standard thickness


Higher structural resistance with a standard thickness


More stability under pressure and in a vacuum state


Higher efficiency of the thermal exchange flow, due to the smaller thickness with the same structural resistance

Spiral Welding  – Future Technologies

“This method makes possible to produce a spiral cylinder with an infinite height and diameter of up to 5-6 m or more, depending on the outset of the guide rollers of the device. When the strip is curled, after the first and the initial rotation, the edges of the strip are joined by welding using the TIG method. Subsequent operations that occur when welding strip edges, consist of grinding and polishing the weld seam to give it a satin texture.”

The innovation and advantage of this manufacturing technology is that, in parallel with the main operation, a number of additional processes are carried out, which ensure the quality of the highest level and the high production time in comparison with the classical method of tanks production.
Plus, at the moment, it is one of the latest technologies and innovative solutions whose application allows realizing and achieving savings for long term.